Previously the 'Sacred Spaces Podcast', Casey and Jessicah Travis are journeying a new chapter as they share all the things of life AND their Nomadic Overlanding adventure.  All the previous episodes recorded as Sacred Spaces Podcast are still here.  These conversations are ALL part of the adventure.  Getting Lost With You Podcast will be recorded in their nomadic home-on-the-road with a new location each episode. Find out where they've been, where they are, and where they are "getting lost" next. It's raw, real, and always an adventure.

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Dance Bitch Dance!

Are we leaving Nomad life? How does Neurodivergence play into our story? Should we stop following our dreams?  It's all the stuff...and its raw. We say things to each ...

Why Banks Don't Like the Pull-Out Method

This week we drink, talk about how the world almost ended while we were all asleep, and peeing in jars.Connect with us:

Death By A Thousand Paper Cuts

It’s been a minute or two. It’s our crazy journey whether we like it or not. 

Coffee, Patriots and Spiders

Coffee roasting on the road, what is a patriot really, and new Road Stories.

Flags And The Lonely Cowboy

Why so many flag poles on RVs? We talk about the trend we see of hanging flags at camping spots. What does it mean?

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