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Dance Bitch Dance!

Are we leaving Nomad life? How does Neurodivergence play into our story? Should we stop following our dreams?  It's all the stuff...and its raw. We say things to each ...

Why Banks Don't Like the Pull-Out Method

This week we drink, talk about how the world almost ended while we were all asleep, and peeing in jars.Connect with us:

Death By A Thousand Paper Cuts

It’s been a minute or two. It’s our crazy journey whether we like it or not. 

Coffee, Patriots and Spiders

Coffee roasting on the road, what is a patriot really, and new Road Stories.

Flags And The Lonely Cowboy

Why so many flag poles on RVs? We talk about the trend we see of hanging flags at camping spots. What does it mean?

Goats, New Friends and Technology

We lived by goats, made new friends and even talked about serious things this week.

Water, Power, Poop & Pee

Let's talk about the reality of nomadic living. It's not all sunsets and ocean waves. Well, it is but it's a few more things too. Let us enlighten you on all the thing...

Climate Change, Tipping and Mindset

Our topics, on the surface, don't seem like they connect, but they do. Our perceived realities, values, and self-awareness all affect how we interact as humans.

Don't Eat My Airpods!

So we debated on whether we publish this one. It was about as real to life as it gets. We had Asher with us in our small, little Rpod...let's just say it was adventure...

What Were We Thinking?

It's our first official episode as the Getting Lost With You Podcast. Find some fun new things inside this podcast episode and find out why we decided on this nomadic...

We're Back & Big News!

It's been a short minute since our last episode! Wow! But we are here to do a little recap and tell you what BIG things are coming next! Can't wait to share all the ju...

What Now?

Follow Sacred Spaces:InstagramFacebookOur new theme music was made for us by Dillon Weber. Dillon wanted to create something just for this podcast and we LOVE it!  Int...


We are providing a Trigger Warning on this episode titled "Freedom?" We explore the responsibility we hold with our Freedom, particularly here in America, to not br...


Follow Sacred Spaces:InstagramFacebookOur new theme music was made for us by Dillon Weber. Dillon wanted to create something just for this podcast and we LOVE it!  Int...

Smarter Not Harder

The American dream


We just returned from a trip exploring the Olympic Peninsula...and it was grand! We named this episode "Seashells" in honor of learning to explore life bringing activi...

We're Sick and Tired...of Being Sick!

Sorry for the late episode. Our whole house has been sick for a few days and we're just now starting to feel like sitting up and recording! So enjoy this interesting c...

Tenderness & Curiosity

It's easy to get lost in the smallness of things. It's easy to find the confinements of before. Choosing to live present and in continual expansiveness...well, that re...

Point Of View

As hard as we try to view life outside our own perspective, sometimes it's just really hard. Vulnerability in this episode. You don't have to agree, but you will see o...


The differences between us often make us or break us. Understanding how each of us sees and interacts with life can be key to living in flow rather than in expectation.


That's it...just love.

Keeping It Sacred

Tik Tok opened up to us and we learned beautiful things. Sacred Things. We also learned we are the Children of there's that!

Purity 2

Purity Pt 2. Our purity culture conversation continues but only via our personal experiences. We realize that this understanding and experience is different for each ...


Purity Culture. Purity as a culture and mindset creates lasting effects and traumas. Guess what? We share our experience of living it and teaching it. Guilt, shame, re...

Who Are You?

It's a "popcorn brain" start but we end up asking each other a big question. How would you answer?


Do you rest? Is it a guilty pleasure or a way of life? What if the act of rest was something we had to rethink? What if it was tethered to a more systematic problem? A...

ReThink About It

We are sharing our secrets...about what we are building for you!

The Most Sacred Space Yet

You didn't hear from us for a reason. Our last few weeks have been some of our hardest and we decided to talk about it in this episode. No politics. No religion. No fi...

Wait…Whose Side is God On?

Conflict. Colonization. Holy war. Alliances. Chosen People. These words trigger so many different responses. We recognize that the evangelical religious worldview of...

Against Us

When your mindset shifts, you evolve your thinking, expand your worldview, switch political parties, change religions or love more humans than you did before, not ever...

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