Previously the 'Sacred Spaces Podcast', Casey and Jessicah Travis are journeying a new chapter as they share all the things of life AND their Nomadic Overlanding adventure.  All the previous episodes recorded as Sacred Spaces Podcast are still here.  These conversations are ALL part of the adventure.  Getting Lost With You Podcast will be recorded in their nomadic home-on-the-road with a new location each episode. Find out where they've been, where they are, and where they are "getting lost" next. It's raw, real, and always an adventure.

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Rules or Naked or Naked Rules

The title of this episode is up for debate BUT it is sacred. Enjoy!


Every time we hear there is another mass shooting or another black man or child killed by police, we also hear our nation cry out for change. But how do we change as a...

Special Guests: The Drunk Ex Pastors

Drunk Ex-Pastors meets Sacred Spaces... there were shots and then biebers. And that's about all we will say about that. (That's a lot of ex-pastors/ex-pastor's wife i...

The Sacred In Easter

This holiday triggers many things for us...but probably not what you think. We talk about the new ways we approach Easter and why we are ok not landing on answers. O...

The Grass is Green and The Sky is Blue?

Is the grass really green? Is the sky really blue? Let’s talk about that!

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